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10 teams will Bike, Run and Kayak the peaceful Eastern Shore of the basin, pulling together for clean water.

In the last 5 years, Pusod has helped Tanggol Kalikasan, the Protected Area Management Board and the Provincial Government in its campaign to coordinate and capacitate the institutions tasked to protect the lake. The PAMB’s membership of 25 has now grown to 157, a more appropriate number that reflects the diversity that the National Integrated Protected Areas Law seeks to include for wide representation. The Executive Committee is now divided into operational Subcommittees.

The funds raised from the Kayak Taal held in November 2010 enabled Pusod to:
1. delineate the public forests in Laurel and Talisay;
2. organize the Real Estate Developers meeting to encourage them to allocate lands for private forests;
3. provide additional support in the Protected Area Management Board strengthening thru the Lakbay Aral in Twin Lakes of Balinsasayao -Danao and Apo Island; and
4. publish and disseminate the TVPL Management Plan.

The fishkill in May and June has prompted a focus on water quality and has mobilized the PAMB’s committees to meet to ensure that the management plan is implemented. Pusod will report to the public at the event the results of the PAMB meeting slated for the last week of September. To date, the excess fish cages number less than 50 and the Task Force vows to enforce against piggeries in the near future.

Biodiversity worth saving
Chapter 2, Water Quality

Chapter 2 indicates a GOAL to keep the waters of Taal Lake remain within the Class B criteria for inland waters (For primary contact recreation such as bathing swimming, skin diving.), with no heavy influx of pollutants that cannot be integrated into the ecosystem and thereafter livelihoods, health and economy. The objective is for domestic, industrial and agricultural production effluents to be controlled, within allowable levels of phosphate, nitrogen, Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) as provided for in the Clean Water Act, chlorophyll levels maintained and monitored regularly by institutions and volunteers and reported to the PASu for integration and subsequently to the Protected Area Management Board for appropriate policy and actions. Class B would mean not only are the parameters on the table at right measured and met, but also all the parameters for Class B waters in DAO 34. s 1991.


Sponsorships can be per team of four, or a fraction thereof. Team sponsors will get their name on the team flag and pinned on the clothing, and on all the promotions and publications of the project including the website. Two joint sponsors for a team will get a names in smaller size, both names on the flag and on all materials other than audio or spoken ones. Sponsors providing P10,000 and above will get their names and logos on all materials in smaller print. All other donors will be mentioned on the website and listed on all materials. All sponsors will get progress reports on the activities to be funded by the project.

RADIO. Pusod will be on weekly radio shows in Batangas as part of its continuing campaign. We also have media sponsors in local media namely 88.7 Magik FM, GV 99.9. ABS CBN local, Radyo Totoo, Balikas, Up Up Batangas on cable TV. National media outlets are still being asked to co-sponsor. All sponsors will be mentioned before each commercial break. BILLBOARDS. Billboards in strategic areas around the basin will announce the project. PRESS. News releases will be weekly from October.

WEB. The project will have a heavy web presence on Pusod’s website, FB, Multiply and other blogs. TV. All networks will have free access to the teams, and be provided a media boat to follow the event.


SPONSORS in kind:
PUSOD • Bigben Complex • J.P. Laurel HighwayLlipa, Phil.• Tel 63437573192

Philippine Kayaking Assoc.
The triathlon will also count as the second leg of the Philippine Kayaking Series, the longest running kayak event in the country.

Team Ganit
Team GANIT aspires to be the vehicle of progress and change to our community and environment, through the promotion of cycling as an integral part of our daily lives.

The Municipality of Mataasnakahoy, has graciously lent Pusod the use of the lot and building for the TLCC. The Mun. of Balete and the City of Lipa will also provide support as parts of the race will be conducted in their jurisdictions.

Kayak to Adventure Race
After the highly successful Kayak Taal in 2010 which raised funds for mapping the remaining forest areas and watersheds for protection in the Taal Lake Basin, Pusod turned its sights on the water quality and its monitoring.

Pusod is proud to partner with Team
Ganit and the Philippine Kayak Association in the effort to gain widespread awareness of the TVPL Management Plan, to solicit private support and initiative for its implementation and particularly to ensure strict monitoring and better water quality for Taal Lake to return it to an oligotrophic state.

Sponsorship that lasts
The equipment we purchase for both water quality and landscape monitoring (scopes to be stationed at strategic portions of the lake basin) will bear the name of the sponsors. Furthermore, they will be credited for the continuing water quality improvement efforts in the lake for 2012. On top of the outputs of the projects to be undertaken from the event, other counterpart contributions will be sourcedfrom partners.

Multi-stakeholder cooperation
The implementation of the Management Plan is intended to be joint efforts by stakeholders. These events make it possible to spread the responsibility and the ownership of plan implementation.

Contact Person
For further details please contact
Ms. Ann Hazel Javier, 043 757 3192
during office hours or 0915 280 7037.

Philippine Coral Reef Exhibit
at the California Academy of Sciences | San Francisco, California